Evergreen River
One of the many bodies of water running through the Valley, Evergreen River is an excellent spot for Water Elementals of ShadowClan to practice their skills!
2 threads 4 posts Forever Fall [Private]
by Jinx
Nov 10, 2019 1:41:12 GMT
Tall Pines
2 threads 3 posts Newleaf Hunt
by Ioana003
Mar 30, 2020 19:09:40 GMT
Dusk Hollow
1 thread 15 posts The Better (or worse) Half [complete]
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Feb 27, 2020 1:41:44 GMT
Dark Field
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Charred Plains
The Charred Plains is close to the ThunderClan border. This is the designated area for ShadowClan's fire cats to practice their skills without limit or worry, so long as there is a water cat to put out their fires afterwards! It is also a common place for Fire and Water elementals to work on their team attacks.
4 threads 30 posts Air and Ash [Private/Training]
by Ioana003
Apr 6, 2020 22:36:52 GMT

Shadowclan Territory

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Created by Thorne
Mar 17, 2019 20:53:22 GMT
by Thyra


Blaze: Howdy, ! Welcome to SOTW~ Jan 29, 2020 17:06:58 GMT
Beau: Thanks hon!! I’m working on my character now! Jan 29, 2020 19:17:34 GMT
Blaze: Ship Wars of 2020 has begun! Feb 2, 2020 3:17:32 GMT
Blaze: I honestly feel like I'll be cheating by giving Acorn and Fog their warrior names so is it ok if we get Jinx to do that, ? Feb 5, 2020 17:44:06 GMT *
20mia08: Wow late, but yeah that's fine. Feb 8, 2020 17:23:15 GMT
Bettafish: I'm sorry, I accidentally posted my jcink ad in your proboards one- I'm doing too many things at once and forgot i already advertised here (in the right board) Feb 13, 2020 22:26:28 GMT
Blaze: Woah, where’d y’all come from Feb 18, 2020 4:19:10 GMT
Blaze: 👀 Feb 23, 2020 22:00:13 GMT
Blaze: welcome to all our new members~ Feb 23, 2020 22:00:25 GMT
Blaze: Hey, , Ice is a store bought element as well whoops- Feb 24, 2020 21:50:41 GMT
iihxlidaysii: Oh geez- Sorry, I'll fix it now. Feb 25, 2020 21:03:56 GMT
goddessrya: Hello Mar 13, 2020 18:10:31 GMT
bey: hi!!! Mar 22, 2020 20:59:16 GMT
ivypony: hellooo Mar 24, 2020 22:42:19 GMT
noodle: howdyy Mar 24, 2020 23:55:41 GMT
Splotch: hi Mar 28, 2020 19:05:11 GMT
Blaze: CALLOUT POST FOR BORTH Apr 10, 2020 17:57:10 GMT
Blaze: To all who have signed up for med cat apprentice, tryouts have been closed. No apprentice has been chosen, as Rune has not signed on in quite sometime. We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you’d like to keep the character please let me or another(1/2 Apr 24, 2020 17:31:00 GMT
Blaze: staff member know. I will be accepting any apps that have already been made but please keep in mind that they will be warrior apprentices. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience, we hope that you stay safe and healthy Apr 24, 2020 17:32:04 GMT
Blaze: If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I will be online for a few hours before I have to leave Apr 24, 2020 17:34:57 GMT
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